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The Beltconceal Ruger LCP Holster for Stealth Carry -- Concealment CCW in Plain Sight!

The Ruger LCP .380 is one of the newest firearms produced by the world-famous Ruger company. The LCP is also one of the most popular arms that Ruger has ever produced. A stealth concealment holster made for the Ruger LCP is one of the best accessories you can get for your Ruger LCP . The Beltconceal Ruger LCP holster is the perfect addition to your Ruger LCP for concealed carry. It allows you to carry the holstered LCP in plain sight, completely concealed. We are proud to offer a selection of holsters for the Ruger LCP and other fine arms manufacturers. When it comes to personal security that you can carry with you at all times,  the Ruger LCP is a must have, and so is the Beltconceal holster.

Beautiful Top-Grain Leather

Black or Brown

Belt Concealment Holster

with Cell Phone holder


  Seecamp  --  NAA  --Keltec -- Ruger -- Berretta -- Rohrbaugh -- Kahr

  .32's -- .380's -- .32 NAA 
With and without LASER-SIGHT


Designed for the:

Seecamp LWS-380
 Seecamp LWS-32
NAA Guardian .380
 NAA Guardian .32
 NAA Guardian .32 NAA
NAA .22 Mini-Revolver

Ruger LCP .380

Kel Tec P-3AT .380
Kel Tec P32 .32

Kahr P380

Rohrbaugh 9 & 9S

Berretta 3032 Tomcat Inox

Autauga Arms Mark II .32

 [Will also holster similar-sized .22's and .25's]


 Now you have a choice! We all know these guns fit in your pocket - but sometimes you want to put ordinary things in your pockets. Perhaps you just got tired of the weight flopping around - or of pocket lint collecting in the barrel - or you just want another alternative carry method to change up a bit.


Now you can carry your "mouse-that-roars" gun openly on your belt, and no one will ever suspect.


Cleverly designed to look like an ordinary PDA or Blackberry case, no one will cast a second glance at this Ruger LCP holster, (or other pocket pistol holster) but you will have instant access to your weapon with a convenient and safe vertical draw. And there's still space in the LCP holster for your phone in the cell pouch.




Handcrafted out of the finest genuine leather in a factory where they also make expensive leather purses. Fine attention to detail. This holster is fully-lined with sturdy and soft black nylon, features a hi-quality YKK zipper for snag-free operation, and has an elastic-sided cell phone holder secured with leather flap with velcro fastener. It looks good on your belt.


It was designed as a concealment weapons holster. Because of that, it has a heavy-duty 1.25"-wide spring-steel clip securely attached to the back, allowing it to securely clip the LCP holster to your up to 1-3/4"-wide belt. You'll feel comfortable knowing that your weapon rides secure. 

Holster is shown here with an AMT 380 S/A Backup, which is just slightly larger than all the listed guns. The AMT measures 3.75" high, 5.06" long, and 0.925" thick.



Special Note for NAA .380/.32NAA owners ONLY: This holster is wide enough to accommodate the standard flat-bottomed (non-finger-grip extension) magazines in these pistols, with a total height of 3.64". The addition of a finger-grip magazine is almost certain to cause the gun to be too tall (base to top of barrel) to fit into the holster. Because the NAA .32 and the Seecamps are only 3.25"- 3.3" tall, this is less likely to be a problem for them. 


Not $45.95!

Not $35.95!

Not even $29.95!!

 Just  $25.95 with $3 S&H!
Select a color from drop-down box, then hit "Add to Cart"

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I GUARANTEE that you're going to be happy with this holster. Check it out for SIX MONTHS (180 DAYS). If you don't think that its a great holster for your Seecamp, NAA, Ruger, Kahr, Beretta, or KelTec, send it on back and I'll cheerfully refund your purchase price. There's NO RISK on your part.




The holster is WARRANTIED against defects in construction. If you manage to find a defect, send it on back and we'll cheerfully send you another one. Obviously this warranty does not cover abuse or mistreatment.




What are you waiting for?  There's no risk - order yours today!


Fair enough?  

Then I think you should select a color and click "Add to Cart" right now, so we can get your item out the door to you!


Just $25.95with $3 S&H!